Manisha Ramdhin

She’s an accountant by day and a lifestyle design coach by night, a full time mommy who loves to keep fit and healthy, And yet all the time she is talking to you , she is dreaming of her next adventure!
  • She is goal oriented
  • She is driven
  • She is passionate about life and loves helping people
  • She is a leader and yet also a good team player
  • She is confident, organised, focused, and determined
  • To let nothing get in the way of her purpose in life
  • She is a self starter , and entrepreneur and a creative who is a free spirit
  • And stubborn as hell!
Her mission is  to affect millions of mindsets by living her inspired life. Perhaps she is a little crazy to think she can make such changes to the
world, but if she doesn’t try then she will never know. There’s a side of her that not many see, the side that that is quietly confident and that listens to her intuition, and reads a book a week, does yoga and meditates. She is calm and balanced and is in tune to the rhythm of the beat of her heart.

All this leads her down the path of being abundantly blessed with everything of the best.

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