Zen Mommy

Booking for Bali is happening NOW!!

Will you be joining us?

The Adventurous Mommy is running an incentive where if you book and pay the deposit of R 3000 for Bali, then you get the Goal setting 101 course for Free (valued at R2000 and lasts 3 months)

The reason is, we feel it is a prerequisite for the Abundance retreat , as
before we let in abundance, we need to first let go of things. We start this process and it will last 3 months, hopefully by June you will be in more of an abundant state!

Each exercise if done properly takes your mind on a journey, it gives clarity and a deeper understanding.

You get to know yourself in greater depths.

We should never stop learning, and dreaming, and doing!

We hope to see you in Bali.

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